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Qala-e-Musa treet #1, adjacent to Vital Telecom, Kabul, Afghanistan

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We offer a wide variety of services. Acceptance Testing & Commissioning, Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Programs, Emergency Switchgear & Substation Repair & Upgrade Services, Power System Studies, Power Quality & Disturbance Analysis, Custom Retrofit & Installation Services, Supplier of Rebuilt or Reconditioned Apparatus, Resistive & Reactive Load Bank Rental Services and more…for low, medium and high voltage systems and apparatus

Power Quality Services

* Power Quality problems may be associated with improper wiring, poor grounding schemes, power failures, bad connections, other assorted events and a wide variety of situations.

* Prevent damage and/ or disruption to electrical systems by diagnosing and analyzing potential problems.

*Identify existing Power Quality problems by providing instantaneous “snapshot” events or “long term” analysis.

*Detailed report includes recorded data, analysis of problems, and recommendations.