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Qala-e-Musa treet #1, adjacent to Vital Telecom, Kabul, Afghanistan

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Water Supply

We provide water utilities and authorities with consulting services that ensure safe drinking water for both, this and future generations. The distribution of water from source, to waterworks, to consumer can be complicated and challenging. Our specialists provide consultancy advice that covers the entire distribution process from technical to administrative.


*Maximum Volume flow 5m3/h

*Maximum Volume flow  120m3/day

*Prefilter 100 Micron (nominal)

*Ultrafiltration 0.02 Micron

*Booster pump 25m3/h

* Booster pump 25m3/h

* Electrochemical Disinfection

* Bacteria and virus free water

* Electrolyze with NaCl

* From 100 % salty to 0.1-5 percent

Modern Technology, Low operational cost, Long plant life, Low maintenance cost, easy installation and operation, low power consumption